What’s the Best Ethernet Cable to Install
By Barb Dijker | |
So you want to wire up your home or office. That’s a great idea. Using a wired connection for devices that never move will improve your network. There are many choices when it comes to ethernet cable. Which is best depends on your installation environment and your performance requirements. Installing what might be technically “best” may not be a good choice for your situation.
Practical Impact of DNS Over HTTPS (DoH)
By Barb Dijker | |
The tech news has been abuzz recently regarding DNS over HTTP, or DoH for short. Some articles portray it as the savior of personal privacy and security. Others paint a grim picture of DoH destroying all protections and ability to police the internet. The reality is of course a little of both. DoH will improve privacy in the form of hiding the names of sites you visit. It can also potentially improve security by reducing the possibility of getting fake information about a server address and being redirected instead to a hacker site stealing your data. These are both welcome and long-awaited improvements. However, there are limitations and downsides.